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**Important Customer Update**

As part of our ongoing Scam Awareness program, and further to the Dream World Lottery alert we sent out a few months ago, we need to alert you to the following. We have information that is causing us to conclude that the same perpetrators responsible for the Dream World scam are continuing their activities in a new way. 

A typical scenario involves a client being called by someone claiming to be with ELG or only stating his name. The client is told that they have a lottery win of £50,000 and is then asked to purchase a voucher from an international cash payment method called Ukash for several hundred pounds in order to process the winnings, to cover taxes, or as a commission charge. The client is falsely told by the caller that someone will come to their home to deliver the cheque for these supposed winnings, but there is no cheque. Sometimes a phone number is given, but it is a fake number and does not work.

We must stress that Ukash is a reputable organisation and one we work with regularly. They are in no way involved with Dream World Lottery. In this instance, they are being used as the unwilling medium through which the scam is being perpetrated.

Please note that any company that asks you to pay to receive your lottery winnings is fraudulent. Please do not give them any of your personal details. ELG has no affiliation whatsoever to these scammers and never asks our clients for any payment to receive winnings.    

If you have been contacted by such a scam, we ask that you please call us by clicking here for our hotline numbers or email us at as soon as possible.  

If you have provided any personal financial information, such as your credit card number, please also immediately contact your financial institution so that any and all appropriate measures can be taken.

European Lottery Guild has been a respected lottery agent since 1990, with thousands of winners around the globe. As one of the world’s largest and oldest ticket agents, ELG has sometimes been a target of scammers preying on its success and excellent reputation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

How to Stay Safe from Scams...

At European Lottery Guild, we’re not just committed to offering you a safe and reliable lottery subscription service, we also want to make sure you don’t fall victim to fraudulent scams.

With almost two decades of experience as a responsible business in the lottery sector, we know that there are disreputable people out there, but we also know how to recognise them and avoid their scams.

We’re proud to be able to share our experience and knowledge with you, which is why we’ve created this page. We want to help you play your favourite lotteries, safely.

How scammers operate

Scammers will tell you you’ve won a lottery. It may be a lottery that you have entered, but mostly it’s one you haven’t.

Next, they’ll tell you that to collect your winnings, you need to send them money (this is known as an ‘advance pay’ scam). They may even ask you to send copies of your driver’s licence or passport or your bank account information, which they’ll use to make withdrawals from your account or steal your identity.

Scammers may use the telephone, fax, mail, email or text messages to contact you, but you can protect yourself from these schemes. All it takes some basic knowledge and a little common sense.

How you can spot a scam

Lottery scams are easy to spot – if you know what to look out for.

You should be suspicious if one or more of the following signs are present:

  1. You’re contacted by a company with the news that you’ve won money or a merchandise prize but you’ve never entered a draw or competition with that company.
  2. You’re told that you must pay taxes, administration fees, legal costs, or a ‘release fee’ before you can receive your winnings.
  3. You receive, out of the blue, a cheque as partial payment of winnings in a lottery... but you’re told you must cash that cheque and return the amount to the sender before the remainder of your winnings can be released.
  4. You’re asked to prove your identity by sending personal information, such as passport numbers or bank account details.
  5. You’re told that you must collect your prize by a certain deadline, usually within a few weeks or even just days – or you’ll lose it.
  6. You’re given no way to contact the company with any questions or concerns, or you’re given no valid address for the company – only a phone number.
  7. You’re asked to tell no one about your win until after you’ve received your prize.

Always use common sense. Remember, if you win a lottery, you shouldn’t have to pay to collect your prize. No reputable operator or subscription service will require this.

Have you been contacted by scammers?

Scam letters and emails have been circulated that use the name ‘European Lottery’, ‘European Lottery Guild’ or ‘European Lottery Guild Inc.’ and that feature a forgery of European Lottery Guild’s old crest logo. They may also try to copy the new brand identity.

The letters and emails claim the recipient has won a lottery prize. Some refer to insurance fees and commission that must be paid, while others caution the recipient to tell no one about the win. Similar letters have also circulated using the name ‘European Lottery Guild Ltd.’

As the world’s largest and most trusted lottery subscription service, we want to make certain that we’re not confused with any fraudulent operators. We take consumer fraud protection very seriously.

Our Customer Service professionals are fully trained to spot lottery scams. If you’ve received a letter, fax, or email claiming to be from the European Lottery Guild, but it contains any of the warning signs listed above, please contact us immediately via Live Support, phone or email.

The truth about scammers and the lies they tell

European Lottery Guild is dedicated to educating you about lottery fraud. Consumer fraud protection is part of the comprehensive service we offer our clients.

When you play lotteries with us, you’ll find it easier than ever to spot a lotto scam because you’ll know from experience the kind of service a first-class lottery entry company provides.

Here’s a quick fiction-versus-fact overview of the lies scammers tell... and some real information about how we take care of our customers:

It’s possible to win a lottery you’ve never entered.
To win a lottery, you must first enter it. European Lottery Guild will never tell you that you’ve won a lottery prize if you are not a registered player with us. You must first purchase an entry to have a chance to win.

You must pay legal, insurance, and administration fees on lottery winnings before you can collect.
European Lottery Guild never charges its winners legal, insurance, or administration fees to collect a prize. When you play with us, the only amount you ever pay is your initial entry fee.

You must pay tax on your lottery winnings before they can be released to you.
Winnings from lotteries featured by European Lottery Guild are awarded without tax deductions. If you’re told you must pay tax on your winnings before you can collect them, it’s likely you’re being scammed.

When you win a lottery, the lottery company will often send you a portion of your winnings by cheque to help you cover taxes and administration fees so that they can release the rest of your money.
Scammers are sending very real looking cheques to victims, along with instructions to deposit the cheque, then send the money back to them to cover taxes and administration. The cheques are counterfeit, but the banking system can take up to six weeks to discover this. If you cash such a cheque and, in turn, send on the money before your bank discovers the fraud, you will be liable for the full amount. European Lottery Guild will never ask you to remit any portion of your winnings to us to cover any fees whatsoever. When you win, you will receive the full value of your prize. And depending on your country of residence, the method of payment is up to you.

It’s common for lottery companies not to provide you with any documentation of your plays.
A reputable organization will send you complete details of your lottery plays. Each time you play a lottery through European Lottery Guild, we will send you a detailed confirmation of your entry which includes the name of the specific lottery, the numbers you played, and your draw dates. At the end of your play period, we will send you a final statement clearly showing any winnings you may have made on that order. (If you win a major prize at any time during the course of your entry, we will notify you immediately by telephone.)

If you don’t collect your winnings by a certain deadline, you’ll be disqualified from claiming them.
If you play lotteries with us and win, there’s no deadline for collection. We include payment for your winnings with the final statement we send you at the end of your play period. (For convenience, small wins of less than £10 for British Lotto, or €10 for all other games, are credited directly to your ELG account and are available on request at any time.) You can also request payment of your wins balance at any time prior to the end of your play period. In addition, should you win a jackpot and wish to collect your prize in person; we will make any necessary arrangements for you and cover your travel expenses.


For security reasons, if you win a lottery you must keep your win confidential until after you collect your prize. Failure to do so can result in disqualification.
Telling you to keep quiet is the scammers’ way of ensuring their own protection until they’ve got what they want from you. We respect your privacy and will never publish any information about your win without your consent. However, we will never insist that you not tell others about your win. We want you to celebrate!

Remember, you can contact one of our specially trained Customer Service team if you have any questions or concerns about your orders, billing information or win payments. Just click on the Live Support button, call or email us at any time.

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