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Terms and Conditions

Your order will be processed on the following terms:

  • European Lottery Guild (ELG) will purchase your entries as your agent, not as principal. In the case of your entry in a group of purchasers, ELG will act as agent for you and other members of the group. Tickets are purchased on your behalf at the face value shown on the tickets. In facilitating your entry, ELG does not offer any furtherance of chance.
  • The amount charged by ELG which is not directly attributable to the purchase price shown on the face of the ticket represents a service charge. This service charge is to cover all the costs of administering your order, including purchasing your tickets, holding those tickets in safekeeping, keeping computer records of your numbers, notifying you of your prizes and (in the case of smaller amounts) collecting those prizes on your behalf. Where the amount of the prize is substantial, you may be required to collect the prize yourself, with the assistance of ELG or its employees and agents. Any applicable taxes or duty are the sole responsibility of the winner.
  • ELG will use its best efforts to fulfil your order as requested. However, in the event of any failure to purchase your entry, whether for reason of force majeure, delay of mail, or error by ELG or its employees or agents, ELG is liable only for the amount of money paid for the order.
  • ELG is not affiliated with, or sponsored by, any official government agency.
  • ELG does not process entries for any lotto or lottery from players residing in the sponsoring country.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information appearing on this site, however, in the event of a discrepancy regarding any aspect of a lottery, including its draw specifications, odds, prize structure and prize layouts, the official lottery governing body shall be the final authority. Participation in the lotteries included on this site is void where prohibited by law.

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