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Spanish La Primitiva Classic Syndicate Play

  • Enjoy our Classic Syndicate for convenient group play
  • Play four weeks for a total of eight draws
  • Syndicates capped at 15 shares each
  • BONUS: Receive 100 jackpot-prize entries for the duration of your order
  • BONUS: Automatic entry into an in-house bonus draw

About the Spanish Lotto

Key Facts
Bonus Draw

With an extra “Reintegro” bonus number that includes a second jackpot category, Spain certainly possesses a characteristically fiery passion over lotteries. Enjoy Single Weekly Play to ensure higher individual payouts and have your choice of different value options that all include two draws a week. Plus, with an incredible average rate of at least one single-play jackpot winner on every draw, an annual average prize pool in excess of €500 million and a complimentary automatic entry into our in-house bonus draw, you too could have a taste of that sizzling Spanish passion for extravagance!

Why Play?

Don’t be fooled by its otherwise basic-looking format; La Primitiva offers many exciting features. Thanks to an extra bonus number called the Reintegro (which translates to “reimbursement”), it is one of the few lotteries in the world to have two jackpot categories. Hitting the Reintegro by itself refunds your ticket cost, but matching it and all six main numbers for the regular jackpot prize wins you both jackpots!

And with no limits to jackpot rollovers in addition to Spanish legislation that requires all lotteries allocate at least 70% of revenue to prize funds, the sky really is the limit for how much you can win in La Primitiva!


Drawings are held in Madrid every Thursday and Saturday at 21:00 CET. Play six main numbers from a lot of 49 and also receive a regular bonus number and the Reintegro bonus number from a relatively small field of 1-9, which only helps to increase your odds of striking it rich in one of the bonus prize categories. Dulce!


The oldest of all of Spain’s lotteries and one of the oldest in the world, La Primitiva was formally decreed as Spain’s state lottery in 1985 and remains incredibly popular. Introduced by King Carlos III in 1763 to raise public funds without additional taxation, its name translates to “primitive,” connoting words like “classic” and “original.” And with its unique payout structure, extra jackpot category, and admirable contributions to such good causes as the Spanish Red Cross and the Spanish Olympic Sports Association, it won’t be long before you start calling it a classic yourself!

Draw Days

Every Thursday and Saturday at 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT)

Record Jackpot

€73 million

Annual Prize Payout

Approx €490 million

Draw Format

Six winning numbers are drawn from a field of 1-49 plus a bonus number and a special Reintegro bonus number, both from 1-9

Why Play

  • Great overall odds of 1/54
  • Special Reintegro jackpot complements regular jackpot winnings
  • Higher-than-average prize-pool allocation from ticket revenues
  • Unlimited jackpot rollovers
  • Competitive jackpot odds
  • All winnings are awarded in a lump sum, with no commissions deducted
La Primitiva lottery prizes of more than €2,500 will be subject to a 20% tax deduction by the Spanish government, in accordance with legislation.
Prize Category
Odds of Winning
Payout Amounts
Prize Category
Match 6 + Reintegro
Odds of Winning
1 in 139,838,160
Payout Amounts
€800,000* (Reintegro Jackpot)**
Prize Category
Match 6
Odds of Winning
1 in 13,983,816
Payout Amounts
€1,380,000* (Jackpot)
Prize Category
Match 5 + Bonus Number
Odds of Winning
1 in 2,330,636
Payout Amounts
Prize Category
Match 5
Odds of Winning
1 in 54,201
Payout Amounts
Prize Category
Match 4
Odds of Winning
1 in 1,032
Payout Amounts
Prize Category
Match 3
Odds of Winning
1 in 57
Payout Amounts
Prize Category
Match Reintegro
Odds of Winning
1 in 10
Payout Amounts
*Approximate averages **The Reintegro Jackpot winnings supplement – not substitute – the regular Jackpot winnings

Our exclusive, in-house bonus draw is one of the many little ways we say thank you to all of our customers. This special prize straight from us is worth an incredible €10,000 and is the lucky winner’s to keep, independent of any of their lottery winnings from European Lottery Guild (ELG). What’s more, no additional purchase is required, as your entry into the draw is automatic. Think of it as a gift from our family to yours!

Prize Draw Rules:

No purchase is necessary for Bonus Prize Draw entry. To be eligible, follow the instructions in this offer. You will be entered in the first available draw on receipt of your entry. A new draw will be held every year on or about December 31 and the winner will be randomly selected from all eligible entries received prior to that date. You must be 18 years of age or older to qualify. The prize winner will be notified by telephone or letter within 30 days of the draw. To obtain the name of the Prize Draw Winner send a self-addressed envelope to: “ELG Grand Prize Winner’s Name,” Postbus 31, 1500 EA Zaandam, THE NETHERLANDS. Please direct any other enquiries to this address: ATTN: Customer Service Department. The first prize is as stated herein. This Prize Draw is used in various other offers of European Lottery Guild or its affiliated companies. The first prize may be represented by cash, merchandise or travel, depending on the promotion. Accordingly, it may be advertised using different graphic representations or featured prizes. Winners of travel or merchandise prizes may substitute a cash amount which will not exceed €10,000.00 or the equivalent amount in the winner’s preferred currency at the prevailing exchange rate at the time of drawing. The odds of winning vary depending upon the amount of entries received but will be the same for entrants who have purchased as for free entrants. Employees, agents and contractors (and their family members) of European Lottery Guild and its affiliated or associated companies are not eligible. Void where prohibited. The sponsor accepts no legal liability in the event of a dispute.
The Spanish 6/49 Lotto Jackpot-Prize (Division One) Pool is eligible to win the first-place prize only. The Prize Pool will play 100 sets of pre-assigned lotto numbers. In order to win, the six main winning numbers in a draw must be matched. You will take part as a Prize Pool member in all draws of your 6/49 Lotto syndicate. The group of participants in the Prize Pool will vary based on response. Jackpot (Division One) prize winners will be notified immediately and all participants are guaranteed their full part of the prize money according to the number of shares they hold. This Prize Pool may be used in various other offers of ELG or its affiliated companies.

Unfortunately, this lottery is not available for play in your country of residence.


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